Tours by destination

The following tours are on our current tour schedule. We run a limited schedule so that we can ensure that the proper attention is paid to each one. We also run many custom tours, to these destinations and others, that are not on this page. Please contact us if you are interesting in a tour just for you, your friends, your bird club, or your family. Be sure to click "learn more" for further trip details.


cape may: migration madness
28 September - 3 october 2017

Join us for some of the finest migration birding the world has to offer. Cape May is the best outdoor classroom for learning about the intricacies of bird migration and identification. This short trip will take in the spectacular migration of songbirds, shorebirds, waterbirds, and raptors, all while based in a Cape May beachfront hotel. 


sax-zim bog and northeast minnesota in winter 
1-5 february 2018

Non-birders think visiting Northeast Minnesota in winter is crazy. They're not wrong! But birders know that the quality of the birds there more than makes up for the cold weather. We hope to find top-class birds like Great Gray and Northern Hawk Owls, Sharp-tailed, Ruffed, and Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee, and more. 


texas: hill country and big bend (Full; wait list only)
21-29 april 2018

This trip features high-quality birds in beautiful settings. From Black-capped Vireo and Golden-cheeked Warbler in the Edwards Plateau to Colima Warblers high in the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park, this tour takes in a variety of habitats across the western half of the biggest state in the lower 48. 


panama with the illinois ornithological society
26 june-5 july; extension 5-11 july

This is a special trip with special pricing, just for members of Illinois Ornithological Society. If you are not a member, no problem, you can become one when you sign up for this trip! This tour takes in the finest birding lodges in Panama. The main tour starts at the Canopy Tower, in the lowland rainforest of Soberania National Park, before moving on the higher elevation Canopy Lodge, in the mountain foothills of El Valle de Anton. The extension heads east, to the remote Darien, where we stand a good chance of seeing Harpy Eagle. 


south africa
15-31 october 2018

This tour is designed to take in the best that South Africa has to offer. We will travel from the stunning Cape region, with its endemic birds, gorgeous scenery, and local wine, straight across the country to South Africa's flagship national park, Kruger, full of the megafauna that Africa is famous for, along with a huge diversity of birds. Along the way we will visit coastal forests, the Karoo Desert, and the high-elevation grasslands of Wakkerstroom, each with its own unique set of birds.


Bhutan in autumn
4 -19 nov 2018

Bhutan is a land of mystique--sealed off from foreigners until 1974, the country called "Land of the Thunder Dragon" has has slowly opened up and modernized. The people are incredible welcoming, the culture is fascinating, and the birding is fantastic. In November, after the monsoon rains have cleared the air, the views of the mightiest mountain range in the world--the Himalayas--are at the best. Birds from high elevations are moving down and those from farther north are moving south. This trip focuses on finding some of Bhutan's best birds--including the spectacular pheasants that the Himalayas are known for, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Beautiful Nuthatch, Ibisbill, and much more. It's also a wonderful trip to learn about Bhutanese culture from our local wonderful birding & culture guide, as well as through visits to several dzongs, the impressive centuries old fortress monasteries.