MADAGASCAR: The Island Continent

Nov 23 - Dec 8 2019 (15 nights)
Price based on 6 participants $7390

November 18-23 2019 (5 nights)
Price based on 4 participants: $2950

Maximum 6 participants

This page is for a special custom trip to Madagascar. As of the end of 2018, we are looking for two more participants (at least for the main tour) to bring the number of participants to six and bring the cost down.

Madagascar is home to some of the most incredible birds and wildlife on the planetโ€”six entire families of birds are found nowhere else in the world (and we should see all six!). We could see about 95% of the endemic birds on the full trip, along with 30 or so species of lemurs and many chameleons, geckos, and other wacky animals. The trip has a maximum of 6 people. Madagascar is unique in every way, so join us for this incredible opportunity!