Back from Texas, straight into Midwest spring migration

Our recently finished TEXAS HILL COUNTRY & BIG BEND TRIP, guided by Josh Engel, was absolutely fantastic. We saw pretty much everything we were looking for: Colima Warbler, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-capped Vireo, Varied Bunting (see photo below), Common Black-Hawk, Gray Hawk, Crissal Thrasher, Lucifer Hummingbird, Green Kingfisher, Olive Sparrow, and on and on. The mammals were excellent, too, with Black Bear, Bobcat, Gray Fox, and millions of Mexican Free-tailed Bats. The weather was pretty much perfect and, as always, the scenery was stunning. The trip report is now up on the TRIP REPORTS page and we’ve also added a PHOTO GALLERY of the trip.

Next year’s trip can be combined with UPPER TEXAS COAST SPRING MIGRATION for an incredible east-west cross-section of the birdiest state in the country. Not only will we see hordes of eastern and western migrants, we’ll see a huge diversity of shorebirds, wetland birds, desert birds, southern birds, and much more. Best of all, if you sign up for both Texas trips, you will receive $200 off. As always, you can send us an EMAIL WITH QUESTIONS or sign up for the trip using our BOOKING FORM.