Busy busy American June!

We debuted two new United States tours in June—a four-night/five-day Maine trip and a five-night/six-day tour of Montana + Yellowstone. The trips were both private trips for local birding groups and we are looking forward to offering them on our website soon. It was fantastic to see so many great birds on their breeding grounds, along with loads of great mammals. In Maine we saw birds like Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Upland Sandpiper, and 17 species of warblers, along with Minke Whale and North American Porcupine. In Montana and Yellowstone we saw Baird’s Sparrow, Sprague’s Pipit, Mountain Plover, Williamson’s Sapsucker, Black Rosy-Finch, and mammals like Grizzly and Black Bears and Gray Wolf.

The trip report and photo gallery are posted for the Maine tour and will be posted soon for the Montana tour. Here’s one of my favorite photos from Montana, an American Dipper carrying food to its nest. You can see more photos from these trips and others by following us on Facebook and Instagram.