Many new itineraries and trip reports posted

We’ve added many fresh itineraries to the Tour Schedule page, filling out our 2020 schedule. This includes our regular bi-annual trips to South Africa and Bhutan in late 2020 (both of which already have people registered!), along with a whole series of trips in Illinois and to some of the top birding destinations across the US for Illinois Audubon Society members (with discounts for those members). We’ve also updated some of our annual US trips and revamped our regular Top Birding Lodges of Panama tour to include looking for Harpy and Crested Eagles in the Darién wilderness on the main itinerary, rather than the extension.

We’ve also been steadily adding to our Trip Reports & Photo Galleries for each trip we’ve run, including two winter trips to Sax-Zim Bog & Northeast Minnesota and we will soon publish a report from our South Texas scouting.

Please have a look, enjoy the photos, and get in touch if you have any questions!!

A Red-backed Mannakin on one of our 2018 South Africa tours.